As a small business owner I find it very important to highlight some of my favorite shops that are local to Fort Worth and along the coast in Alabama and Florida. I grew up down south and many friends have also continued legacy with their parents shops or ventured into their own grand openings over the past few years. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Target, Amazon and Home Goods but I find myself losing a little sleep thinking our hard earned money would be better spent supporting local moms, friends, and hustlers like myself. This may be a long post, but TRUST you will find some AMAZING ideas and fun gifts here; Especially if you shake your tooshie and do a little dance at checkout or when your phone dings from a sale! Gift cards to local restaurants, nail salons, hair stylist, blow dry bar and bakeries are ALWAYS an awesome idea - keep reading for my local picks, deals, and steals for holiday gift-giving in 2020!

*Fun Fact* I also own a little online business and we do local markets! I make the most amazing candles (I’m not biased or anything ;)) that will literally fill an entire room, they have a wooden wick and are the perfect gift for a girlfriend, co-worker, or crazy aunt (we've all got one)! Visit Shop Cowtown for the candles, Fort Worth, TX sweatshirts, coffee mugs, and 32oz Map of Fort Worth cups that can hold pecans from Vending Nut!



PS the Letter is a staple in Fort Worth and I was so excited to find that they carry the Beatrice Ball melamine platters and serving bowls! This is a fabulous gift for the entertainer. I am definitely a hostess, so this gift is ideal for me! I would jazz it up with some mini pies, sugar sprinkle cookies, and raspberry cream cheese tarts from Blue Bonnet Bakery in Fort Worth, TX.



For the WINO!!!  So, I hope that most of you have heard about Scout and Cellar wines and if not I really encourage you to do some research on clean crafted wines. The sugar content in some of these wines that we are used to grabbing off the store shelves will blow your mind! Just have a conversation with a friend of mine, Brittany, with Scout and she will take great care of you! She has incorporated them into recipes, pairings, diet plans, and BONUS, you can order 3 bottles or a whole case! Monthly and bi-monthly delivery options are available. Clean crafted wine straight to your door? SIGN ME UP.



Now I know we all LOVE Magnolia Market in some capacity. Maybe its her baked goods, the grilled cheese food truck, or the amazing little store tucked away in the garden in the back. I bought my mother-in-law some Magnolia Seeds and herb/plant markers  a while ago and now they're on sale! Pair them with a little cedar planter from Lowe’s for $40 and it's a perfect gift for those with a green thumb.

For the Woman who is ahead of the game, Instagram savvy, and up to date on all of the trends, I have found some fabulous, comfy and amazing pieces to add to their closets. You will have to click on the links to find out who they are as I LOVE a great surprise! Some of them are Fort Worth staples, some of them are in Fairhope, AL, and some are just great retail shops and small businesses that are local to their own towns.
This DRESS is so beautiful and I feel like you could pair it with sneakers or a bootie and be good to go. This one is an easy styler, for sure. This designer works her tail off to be at the top if her game. Not only is she super creative, but she is a dream to speak with. She loves life and will welcome you into her store with open arms! THIS is one of the many reasons I will continue to support her! 
Accessories are such great gifts and I truly believe that they make or break an outfit. When I came across this Fort Worth designer I was just in awe of her creations! They have such an impact and when you see someone in her creations you just know who it belongs to. Her pieces catch your eye with a distinct style that will have you standing out this holiday season. She also has broken in to the accessories market and y’all, these EARRINGS are perfect for wearing with a LBD, holiday outfit, beach dress... I mean, seriously, the list could go on and on!
I also found another pair of EARRINGS that remind me of a fabulous disco ball from another great Fort Worth boutique.
NOW for the WHOLE ENCHILADA I have found an AMAZING deal for the Holidays that are 80% off! That, my friends, is a STEAL. They are collegiate themed and with several different colleges represented in the line run. Click and shop quickly as these COLLEGIATE EARRINGS  WILL sell out! Use code “SCORE80“ to snag the deal!
 Driving down the bricks in the Fort, you will see so many amazing shops that are run by some amazing women! One of my all time favorites is Hale House. It just feels like home when you walk in! Bekah is so engaging, personal, and man, she is a smart cookie! I really enjoy the conversations and business sense we share. She has a sale going on right now for 30% off and here are a few of my favorites she has in store right now: FAUX FUR CAPE and PEARL BRACELETS. These two things are a staple for all ages and wonderful presents for your favorite friend or Mom!
I also fell in LOVE with this red striped WRAP from Shop Prippie just down the bricks. Amy recently opened this adorable shop close to Kincaid’s Burger Shop. You get a great feeling when you walk in and the customer service is outstanding!
You are Here is a fabulous women’s boutique that carries some of the higher end items you might find in Neiman’s, but like I said, shopping small is my jam this year! My next pair of sneakers are coming from here and I also love this PAJAMA SET from PJ Harlow. Y’all these are FANCY pajamas but my husband loves them and so do I! It’s a win/win!
Have you all heard the BUZZ about Barefoot Dreams?! I'm obsessed! This company has really made a name for themselves and it just so happens that two of my gal pals have a shop in Fairhope, AL that carry this line. I was actually a cheerleader with these sisters MOONS ago and I probably have not seen them in 10 years, but  I called them the other day with my Jon Hart order. It was so nice to just have a minute on the phone with them! It made me feel like I was back in my hometown for a minute. Of course we are friends on social media and we keep up mostly that way, but it felt good to actually talk. Call an old friend today - you'll be glad you did! You can purchase the Barefoot Dreams Socks here amongst other gorgeous coastal themed products. This store is the oldest gift shop in this quaint little town that just experienced Hurricane Sally in the WORST way! It's taken this sweet little town a minute to bounce back from the storm. My family still lives in Fairhope and it's my hometown, so I wanted to send some holiday love their way this year too. 
As an entertainer in my home, I actually own this piece and NO it is not locally owned, but DANG IT, it's a STEAL! Just CLICK HERE and you will thank me later.
I want to thank you all for reading my very first BLOG POST! Stay tuned over the next few days for a KIDS and GIFTS FOR HIM Guide. I don't claim to be a journalist, I just really like finding deals and new small businesses to support. If you like that stuff too, let's be friends. Enjoy all of these finds and we will talk soon!